It's important to have "skin in the game." The economy of entertainment and the business of production are predicated on quid pro quo | noun A Latin phrase meaning "something for something". A mutual agreement between two parties in which each party provides a good or service in return for a good or service. Naida speaks the language of production. Each "ask" must be delivered by a trusted source. Naida understands the players. That makes her your best ally on the consulting front as well as on the moderator front. She understands implicitly what her client's needs are and what the filmmaker's needs are. She can strike a deal. Naida's experience and refined instincts help her clients define audiences, build brands and establish consumer products in new professional communities. A key tastemaker and trend setter, among her many talents is the ability to recognize thinkers and the power of their collective engagement – which has helped buoy brands that include Intuitive Aerial, Codex Digital, Canon USA, Below the Line, Warner Bros., The Weinstein Company, Paramount Pictures and SMPTE. It's ALWAYS something for something... and Naida delivers.